I create websites for local businesses, organisations, and people to showcase their work in their own voice
Eli Göndör, PhD
Public intellectual and writer specializing in islam and the Middle East, sought after for speaking engagements
Mazzarini Bar & Bistro
Italian bistro located in Stockholm Old Town
Treatment clinic offering physiotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy
Mustafa Panshiri
Writer and former policeman, engaged in the civil debate about integration and contemporary challenges facing Swedish society
Press Escape
Open air parties in Sweden with DJs from all around the world
Kreativ Integration
Courses and seminars on cultural integration for schools and organisations
Other websites
Stefan Krakowski, MD
Writer, columnist and psychiatrist
Göran Adamson, PhD
Writer, columnist and Associate Prof. in Sociology

Natalie Lantz
Contemporary interpreter of antique and modern myths
Bostadsföreningen Victoria UPA
Apartment cooperative